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Student workbooks for language learning with Maurice Hazan's amazing, visual QTalk method.

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QTalk Chinese Sentence Scrabble Game

Chinese Sentence Scrabble

句子接字游戏 K-12 年级 这个游戏,能激发学生造很长的句子! 每张能意会的图卡,代表一分,句子越长得分越高!。学生可用图卡造句,再连结新字、新词,把已造好的句子加长。教师只需在旁计分!这套教具包括224张主词、动词、受词、时间副词、连接词等卡片。好玩而有趣。 ­­­­How about a game that makes students want to create the longest sentences possible! Each self-explanatory card is assigned a point value. Players use the cards to make or add onto sentences by connecting new words. The role of the teacher is to keep score! This set includes a total of 224 cards featuring subjects, verbs, objects, times of day, conjunctions, etc... Have fun!

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